A helicopter ride or even a short trip to a nearby island with this kind of transportation is certainly not a common way to travel to your destination but it is now an affordable experience worth experiencing at least once.

Whether you choose your friends or your better half, the experience of a helicopter flight can be just as fun.

The experience of a helicopter flight differs significantly from that of an airplane, the most important differences is that the helicopter flies at a much lower altitude than that of an airplane, and that unlike airplanes that move only forwards, the helicopter is capable to move in every direction.

This means that a helicopter ride can turn into an exciting experience that can provide unique images, but also adrenaline moments especially if you choose an open door flight.

Certainly in such a ride there will be many stimuli and the view from there will be unique, so you should not miss the opportunity to take as many photos as possible.

In order to take unique photos from a helicopter you need to consider the following,

– All the extra accessories of your camera must be attached to you during open-door shooting; otherwise they may fall out in the cabin or out of the helicopter.

– Have with you more than one camera with the lenses already attached, before the flight. Switching lenses during an open door flight is trickier than you may imagine.

– Use high shutter speeds and ISO

– The right light is everything. Schedule your flight early in the morning or in the afternoon