Indulge yourself to the unique experience of flying above Athens! See from an extremely different view the Acropolis and the Parthenon. Feel the ancient atmosphere of another era above the Temple of Olympian Zeus and the Temple of Poseidon.  Feel the heat of ancient battles above the Marathon Battlefield and the peaceful breeze from Philopappos Hill where according to the myths the 9 muses used to live in ancient Greece.

In nowadays Athens is  a once in a life time opportunity to get as closest you can to the ancient history of all of us, to get close to the monuments and the artifacts that reminds all where democracy, philosophy  and fine arts were born.

Contrary to popular belief, today, aerial photography from a helicopter is an affordable luxury to the everyday traveler as more and more operators are offering individual seats that you can share with people who have the same idea with you.

Wonder, walk and fly above history itself!  Take advantage of this affordable luxury to see sights of unique beauty; indulge yourself in magnificent aerial views of the landscape below and make them your own by getting aerial imagery.