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Athens City Buzz offers direct flights from Athens to your selected destination, one way or return, seven days a week. The helicopter model is of your choice. However, please keep in mind that the capacity of our helicopters can vary according to the specifications of each model.

Typically our helicopters can accommodate up to 7 people with their luggage, still before you book your flight browse our fleet to check the capacity of each model.

You could enjoy a VIP flight according to your specifications and create a tailored event like exploring ancient Greece including accommodation and a tour with a private guide.




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Tailored Flights

Greece has more than 1,425 islands and a coastline of more than 13,500 kilometers. Also it is considered a country of unique religious scenery and filled with ancient historical sites and temples.

Either you wish to explore Meteora on a return flight, book a private flight to Agio Oros or visit the ancient monuments of Olympia (where the Olympic Flame lights up and travels the world), the ancient Delphi (the most famous oracle in ancient Greece and the temple at the center of the whole world), or anywhere else (Spetses, Hydra, Chalkidiki etc.)

Athens City Buzz offers you the most luxurious helicopters to travel.

Either choosing our efficient Eurocopters of 120 and 130 lines or the top of the line Bell 407 and Augusta 109C, all of our passengers can enjoy comfortable sitting with direct access to windows to explore the ride.

Passengers can also enjoy all of our amenities during the flight.

Athens City Buzz is not a direct air carrier. It acts as a travel agent for private charter flights & aerial photography flights and other tailored destinations operated by fully accredited flight operators in Greece. Please refer to Athens City Buzz Terms and Conditions for more information at